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-What do I need to have before my appointment?

Nothing. You provide the space and the therapist will bring everything they need.

-Do you offer sensual massage?

NO we do not offer sensual massage. Sensual by definition is considered to have a sexual release and so in some ways that constitutes as prostitution which is illegal.

-Am I able to request a specific therapist?

Yes. Let us know which therapist you liked and we can make sure they are your regular

therapist if you choose.

-Can I receive a photo of my therapist?

NO that violates our therapists privacy and there is also absolutely no reason to get a photo of your therapist.

-Are there discounts for being a regular client?

No. The only discounts we have is your first appointment or a current running promotion.

-Can I buy multiple massages at one time and use them   later? Is there a discount for buying multiples?

Yes you can buy multiple massages and use them later. Currently there is no discount for buying multiples but we may offer that option in the future.

-Do you have job openings?

Yes. Our jobs are found in a tab at the bottom of our page.

Have a question that wasn't answered? Go to our contact form and let us know.

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